We decided that hiring TLCD Concierge has been one of the best two or three things we’ve ever done to make our lives more convenient.  It’s been really great working with you. – Amanda and Eric H

Tina takes care of the life tasks that clutter my focus on the important things.  Thanks to her help, I am not bogged down in the mundane and I am able to look at my time and how I spend it strategically and put the bulk of my time and energy into things I am passionate about doing.  Everything she has done for me, big and small, has been executed graciously and professionally and as well as if I had done it myself……..she’s a gem and once you hire her, you’ll never want to let her go! – Christine O

I cannot say enough good things about Tina and the services she provides.  I hired her this year to help me sort out the hundreds of little things I had weighing on my mind “to do” but never seem to find the time to get done.  She helped me cross off things I’d been wanting to do for YEARS and others that were just piling up – everything from organizing a photo wall to sorting out my back garden and getting the majority of my shoe collection resoled, heeled and fixed.  She’s incredibly organized, creative in solutions and amazingly fast.  It seemed an indulgence asking for someone to help since I don’t have kids and “should” have time.  I will never think that way again.  It’s the best investment I’ve made in years!  – Kate M

If you need help with something in your life, and want someone that will “own it” and make sure that things work out perfectly, then TLCD Concierge is your answer.  I had to plan a 40th Birthday party for my husband and needed someone to take my vision and turn it into reality, with all the details coordination and event-day execution, and it was the best party I’ve ever thrown.  I’d trust Tina and her associates with the most important of tasks, and wouldn’t hesitate to hire TLCD again when the need arises. – John H

In a word, our [wine country] trip was just fabulous! We enjoyed every part of it.  We cannot thank you enough for all of your help, recommendations, guidance, etc.  You made our trip perfect. Thanks so much.  It was so great to work with you. – Kristie and Lucas W

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with TLCD Concierge Service. Being in the hospitality business, there have been times when I needed help fast.  Whether the call is as simple as making a dinner reservation or as large as assisting with the management of a 150 person wedding reception, Tina has never let me down.  I highly recommend Tina to anyone looking for exceptional concierge services. – John M

Tina of TLCD services is one of the most efficient people I have ever known.  Her organizational skills are matched only by her compassion and her professionalism.  She is always on time and eager to help.  No task is too small, any yet large projects and long term goals are managed effectively over time.  I hired Tina under very stressful, personal pressure.  Tina helped me manage an extremely difficult personal time and took care of numerous details and very sensitive issues.  What an amazing person!  – Suzanne R

We can whole heartily recommend Tina for any business or home organizational task that you may be confronted with.  No job is too big or too small.
Just imagine having: All that tangle of wires under your desk in perfect order; A closet in perfect order; Your files, billing, banking and travel claims organized in a way that they take no time at all.
Tina can make these things happen and so much more.   So don’t put it off, call her today. – Sandy & Harvey H.

I hired Tina to handle a very challenging move, i.e. to organize and pack my belongings and move me from Oakland to San Francisco as a result of getting divorced. One cannot imagine how emotional this event was for me. Tina provided the professional and personal touch to make this go really smooth. Her attention to detail such as marking packing boxes according to priority and keeping a spreadsheet helped the unpacking and decorating.  – Carlos H

A huge weight off my shoulders! We have been meaning to get an Earthquake Kit done since we moved to SF 3 years ago.  Then after having a baby and the tremors last year, I was feeling down right irresponsible.  I just couldn’t motivate to do it and was overwhelmed by the number of websites/resources out there.  Until I called TLCD Concierge!  Tina did a comprehensive interview asking all kinds of questions about our preferences and needs, and then organized a Kit customized for the 3 of us.  Wow!  Wish I had called her 3 years ago.  Absolutely worth it to have Tina get you organized and then you can sleep better at night knowing that you are prepared for emergencies.  Call Tina, you won’t regret it.  I’d trust her with any project – she’s professional and friendly, a real gem.  – Giselle S